Want Blue Waters, Sun & Fun for your next Remote Office… Check this out!

I Love Shipwreck Beach!

Owning your own Remote Business means you can pick up and travel anywhere in the world without having to get permission from your Boss. It also means you don’t have to go away for just a week or two at a time. Work Anywhere Jobs are the Best!

I spent 6 weeks traveling while working remotely on this last adventure! I started in New York, went to London, Switzerland, Italy and then to several different Islands in Greece! The laptop lifestyle is a dream come true! I love what I get to do, I love working from home and I love taking my work with me wherever I go!

The trending word for this is: “Location Independentbut their are many terms. I simply call myself a modern day Nomad.  I don’t travel constantly but I love to Travel! I work from home often or at a Coffee Shop but I’ve definitely got the Wanderlust fever  and gypsy soul.  When I’m traveling, I automate my work to go out via scheduling apps then I go play for the day and check-in when I return.

Check out this insane Blue Water and Sunset at Shipwreck Beach!

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Zakynthos, Greece.



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