Seeing the worldWanderlust – My Gypsy Soul.

Being Location Independent gives me the Freedom to be a Gypsy! I used to hate that word, I didn’t understand it until I got older.  Gypsy: a nomadic or free-spirited person.

“YES That’s ME”!

I’ve been called a Modern Day Nomad, a Nomad, a Digital Nomad, a Wanderer but most of all a Lucky Girl! I do feel blessed in the sense that I’m allowed to be responsible not only for myself but for my clients projects.  I take great pride in helping them succeed with their Businesses and that’s what keeps me in Business! I do great work and I get involved in understanding and helping my clients accomplish their goals.

If you have a Wanderlust, Gypsy Soul and you’re looking for a way to escape your 9-5 job,  I’m here to tell you that you can turn your dreams into a reality! And I can help you!  I didn’t go to College, everything I know I taught myself how to do.  So, if you’re looking for a way in, I can show you how to replicate my success!

Here are a few qualities you should posses when managing your own Remote Business:

  • You like helping people
  • You’re passionate about it
  • You can manage your time

And of course, you’re motivated to make it work! Anything you put your passions and desires into works.

Love what you do and the money follows ~unknown.  I love this saying, it’s so true!


Lost My Desk, Lose Yours! 

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Lost My Desk, Lose Yours!