A Day in the Life of

A Day in the Life of

Working Remotely From the Beach!

Learn Social Media

Working Remotely from the Beach!

Create The Life You Want to Live! I will Teach you How.

I created my own Social Media Marketing Company that helps Businesses Management their Social Media Channels. This can be done from anywhere. Even as I sit here at the Beach I’m monitoring my Clients Social Media Accounts and responding when needed from my Phone. I only have a handful of Clients that I manage and it gives me the freedom to Work & Play From Anywhere. I LOVE it! Not to mention it gives me a full-time income that I can rely on every month for 9 years now! PRETTY COOL RIGHT!

Lost My Desk was created to teach others how to replicate my success by learning how to become a Social Media Manager and launching your own Social Media Marketing Company. *No Previous Experience Required.  The Monthly Membership offers step by step training videos to help you get set up as your own identity, operating your own Business.  You’ll learn how to set up & create your Social Media Channels, Branding, Content & Marketing Materials. Learn How to Post, Schedule out Posts, Monitor, Navigate & Respond. You’ll also learn how to Boost Posts and Run Sponsored Ads to get your Clients results that they’re going to love you for!

And… If you have your own Business OR You want to start-up a new Business – The Lost My Desk training can help you too! (It is catered to those that want to create a Job/Business doing this).  You’ll learn how to Rock Your Social Media Channels like a Social Media Pro! Build your Fan Base, Get more Engagement, Boost Wall Posts and Run Sponsored Ads that drive traffic, sales and get results!

Everything I know is taught to you inside the Training Course, step by step.

Start your Training today! JOIN US inside the Facebook Group to stay connected.  Stay tuned for more to come! This is just the beginning! I’ll be offering freebies inside the FB Group! One on one Coaching Sessions and a Master Class are all in the works. I want to be here to support you on your Journey to living your Best Life!

Tammie Figlinski
Lost My Desk | Lose Yours

Social Media Manager Jobs are in High Demand. Their are Millions of Business Owners that need/want help!
Learn How to do Social Media Marketing like a Pro and help Businesses from anywhere in the world. 

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