65 DAYS on Vacation. How to Work Remotely.

The Laptop Lifestyle. You can Have it too when you take the Lost My Desk online TRAINING COURSE.

65 continuous days on Vacation while I Worked & Played from Hermosa Beach, California. The life right! I think so! I stayed at an AirBnB Rental just two blocks from Hermosa Beach Pier! What an incredible Summer! I’ll have these memories forever…

I share my life for Social Proof. I want you to know that it is possible to Work & Play from Anywhere while generating a monthly income you can live on.  The Stories on this Website are meant to inspire you. It’s time to destroy your old beliefs and create new ones.  Allow yourself to “believe that you can and you’re halfway there”.

Most people think this lifestyle is only for the Rich. We’ll that’s not true, I didn’t come from Money. I didn’t inherit Money, I’m not Rich but I feel super filthy Rich! I feel blessed and happy that I can wake up and go anywhere, be anywhere all while taking my Work with me.  And, I also love what I get to do for Work, BONUS!

What does one do on a Vacation this long? You become a Local. You Eat, Work, Sleep and Play in another City! You explore new places and new things, meet new People, Relax and just hang out, because you can.

Work. Travel. Play. Anywhere. Remote Lifestyle.


65 DAYS on Vacation. Because It’s time to Enjoy Life now…

Here’s a glimpse of my time in California. This was a Magical Summer for sure! Everyday was filled with Relaxation and Fun in the Sun.  Watch the Video Below this photo to hear the sounds of Waves crashing.  I got to hear and see this everyday, you can too!

Allow yourself to “believe that you can and you’re halfway there”

Listen to the Waves Crashing at Hermosa Beach Pier. Ahhhh

Watch the SUNSET at Hermosa Beach, Ca.  Ahhhh…

Ready to Work Remote?

I’ve been doing Social Media Management for Businesses for  8+ years now and through the Lost My Desk Training I’m teaching others how to create their own Social Media Marketing Company with no previous experience.  Replicate my success and work remote. Everything you’ll need to know to help Businesses with their Social Media Channels is all inside the Lost My Desk Training Course.

Best Part, I’ll be at your side to help you achieve your Goals. You’ll get your invite to the Private Facebook Group after you sign up. I’ll help you with any questions along the way.  Together is Better. XO ~ Tammie Figlinski @LostMyDesk











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